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Émilie, a French woman of Chinese descent, defines herself as a citizen of the world through this dual culture. Her roots make her a consultant that is ready and able to explore the various avenues that appear in moments of transformation.

Émilie is on the same wavelength as Brio when it comes to co-creation. She sets herself apart through her ability to support clients so that strategic thinking is developed jointly and skilfully. For Émilie, there are multiple solutions for a single problem. Through her overall vision, she chooses the most appropriate and relevant organizational transformations for a company. Moreover, her keen knowledge of technologies and her analytical side are key in her unfailing attention to detail and her ability to advise on the most innovative strategies to put in place.

The different cultures that have shaped Émilie influence her culinary passion and her desire to further develop her creativity and her attention to detail. Just like in an organizational transformation, there are many combinations to achieve a dream result.