Our boutique approach: your big advantage

We combine the agility of a boutique consulting firm with the expertise of a large consulting company to bring you the best of both worlds.

The loyalty of our clients speaks volumes about our ability to deliver personalized service at the highest level. So, what’s our secret? Instead of relying on pre-fabricated, one-size-fits-all strategies, we listen and collaborate. Then we adapt and implement solutions that are tailor-made for your organization.

Our story

Our growth is fuelled by curiosity, discovery, and a series of great adventures

Brio is founded in Montreal

We expand our services: Transformations - From strategy to implementation

We reinforce our commitment to increase our positive impact in the community
Creation of The Transformation League, an international network of boutique strategic consulting firms that share our values

We sharpen our focus on The Future of Work and Employee Experience

We open our office in Quebec City

We integrate our vision for Leadership and Cultural Evolution across all Brio activities

We open our Paris office

Consolidation de l’offre de services Entreprise à mission et à large impact sociétal (RSE, entreprise progressiste)

Our purpose

Transforming leaders, their organizations, our world

Supporting leaders and their organizations in their transformations drives us. Transformations that are human and meaningful, in order to create lasting value in people’s lives and in the community.

We actively contribute to change by bringing our energy and expertise to our clients.

Brio: The reference point for today’s leaders

We are an international boutique management consulting firm with a reputation for excellence in organizational transformations.

With offices in Canada and France, we support leaders and their team by bridging the gaps created by the constant evolution of the professional environment.

Together, we explore new ways of doing things, identify innovative solutions, and prioritize strategies that work – to deliver lasting results in every area of intervention.

We optimize your success, celebrate your achievements, and share your excitement as you reach new heights. At Brio, our team takes pride in making your team shine.

+100 consultants and coaches

+ 500 organizations served

Offices in France and Canada

Growing and learning since 2005

Our values

Our values: nurtured and shared daily


To make our clients shine. Big egos have no place at Brio.


To create space where new ideas can flourish. Here, we listen before we speak.


To speak the truth with tact. We acknowledge and celebrate the success of our clients.


To dare to explore the road less travelled. We cultivate new ideas and thrive on innovation.


To embrace collaboration. To grow professionally we are continually learning and developing our abilities.

Our impact

Because in order to transform the world, we must start by transforming ourselves, we work every day to be change makers

Employees section

We offer a variety of benefits to support the well-being, professional development, and workplace experience of all Brio employees.

Environment section

We are committed to minimizing the carbon footprint of our business trips. We also embrace alternative transportation methods, including public transit.

Community section

We are proud to have donation, charity and pro bono practices aligned with our social mission statement.

Our social mission is to help educate and equip young generations in order to lay the foundations of solid leadership for the future.

Governance component

Social responsibility is an integral part of our operational strategy.

Our consultative committee, our code of ethics, and our moral approach are at the heart of our good governance.

Our passion: transformation! We help you achieve concrete and meaningful results. Curious to know how?

Our team is our greatest asset! Do you want to learn more about the talents that make up our team?


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