Brio, Catalyst for Change

We are fully committed to contributing to our world’s sustainable prosperity by promoting an active social responsibility

A decidedly progressive company

Our socially responsible approach is aligned with our strategy

Transforming leaders, their organisations, our world

In line with our purpose

Contributing to a positive impact in 5 dimensions

Responsible practices in daily operations

Operating with a team actively engaged in our governance

Fully integrated into our governance

An acknowledgment of our commitment

Brio is a Certified B Corporation

We are B Corp certified. Our certification signifies our ongoing effort to continuously improve our impact. B Corp is a certification awarded to organizations that meet high standards set by B Lab in terms of societal and environmental impact.


Advisory committee, code of ethics, and ethical practices at the core of our governance


Skills transfer, expertise sharing, sustainable solutions for positive impacts


Travel policy limiting our carbon footprint, active mobility, responsible sourcing, and recycling

Briotines (Talents)

Benefits promoting well-being, professional fulfillment, and talent experience


Donation practices, volunteering, and pro bono missions aligned with our social mission

Our responsible practices

Selection of eco-friendly or socially committed suppliers for our team meals

We choose to collaborate with suppliers who prioritize their environmental responsibility and engage in social actions, ensuring that our team meals contribute to sustainable practices and beneficial social causes.

Parental support programs (parental leave compensation, breastfeeding policy)

We implement parental support programs, such as parental leave compensation and breastfeeding-friendly policies, to provide an inclusive work environment that actively supports the needs of parents within our company.

Sustainable mobility promotion program

We have initiated a sustainable mobility promotion program, including shared bike services, aiming to encourage environmentally friendly modes of transportation in these cities and support a transition towards more sustainable transportation methods.

Continuous community engagement through volunteer actions

We maintain ongoing community engagement by organizing volunteer actions with organizations, actively contributing to the well-being of our communities, and strengthening our ties with essential social initiatives.

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