Brio is a collective that plays as a group

At Brio, transformation is a fundamentally human adventure that needs to unite both enthusiasm and performance. This is why we constantly invite our clients to dare to have the courage of their convictions.

Looking further ahead, re-examining and staying decisively engaged at all costs: this is what characterizes our transformation boutique!


Beyond skills, it is the spirit of initiative and cooperation that makes the difference

Alexandra Corbeil



Alexandra has gained solid experience in organizational transformation—notably in Mergers & Acquisitions—implementing new technology and optimizing business operations. As a specialist in change management strategies and coaching managers, she can quickly grasp the issues and propose concrete, specific strategies for organizational transition.

No doubt about it—whether she’s spiking a volleyball over the net or advising clients, Alexandra is a strong leader with a knack for rallying people together to ensure her team’s success.

Alexandra, an active member of the business community, was the 2013-2014 President of the Jeune Chambre de Commerce de Montréal and has also served on its Board of Directors. She is currently a Member of the Board of the Brigade Arts Affaires de Montréal (BAAM) where she volunteers as the Vice-President, Governance.

Amelie Barreau

Senior consultant

A lover of nature and water, Amélie attaches great importance to the symbiosis and synchronicity of elements undergoing change and transformation, just as she does when practicing water sports.

With over 15 years of professional experience in management as well as change and human resources management within small and large organizations, Amélie has a nimble mind and a strong ability to adapt. She uses these qualities to quickly understand the reality of her clients.

Her analytical side and capacity to gain insight into any ecosystem help her discern her clients’ issues and offer the optimal strategies to meet their needs. She promotes collaboration and cohesion towards common goals while creating the space necessary for the individuals around her to grow.

Amélie’s driving force allows her to contribute to the transformation, development and influence of her clients, while refining her own knowledge. She adopts a results-focused approach and aims to implement ideal, realistic, and concrete solutions. She is known for her capacity to analyze and mobilize, her efficiency, and her ability to create relationships of trust with all her employees.

Amélie is a perceptive and attentive person who has a knack for putting her finger on problems that are difficult to identify. She will support you and propose the most relevant approach for your organization.

Antoinette Six

Senior consultant

Antoinette capitalizes on her interpersonal skills to above all create a true relationship of trust with her clients, and help them make their daily work as pleasant and sensible as possible.

She accompanied leaders and managers from many different sectors: defence, aeronautics, luxury, banking, energy, international events and public organizations.

One of her main career goals is to share best practices between France and Canada, to enrich each culture with the perspectives of the other, such as management practices and corporate responsibility.

According to her strongest convictions, she believes that the fundamental purpose of a company is to contribute, in one way or another, to the social good, and that it is therefore essential that all levels of the organization question themselves regularly, as well as externally, on the best way to follow and bring this purpose to life.

Ariane Choquette


“In dance as at work, Ariane relies on teamwork, listening and the commitment of participants to create a collective movement towards success. Passionate and driven by creativity, she firmly believes that the key to a great performance requires a bold and thoughtful choreography.”

A recipient of numerous excellence scholarships and a holder of a master’s degree in organizational development, Ariana has experience working at major companies and has developed great expertise in organizational transformation and change management. She is known to use participatory and innovative techniques to involve stakeholders and ensure team success.

Her enthusiasm for individuals and the challenges that surround her leads her to form relationships of trust with her clients. She is fully devoted to the success of her projects. Recognized for her high energy, her empathy and her great rigour, Ariane goes from one end of the process to the other with an agility and flexibility that match her dance skills. In her art as in her role as a consultant, she adapts to different situations, always in harmony with her client’s needs.

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Aurélie Gaudot

specialist in document editing and production

Brigitte Langevin

Director of finance and administration

Constantly looking to grow both personally and professionally, Brigitte loves being surrounded by enthusiastic and motivated people. In her family and friends, she finds an endless source of happiness.

Having cumulated a multitude of experiences through her professional career in law firms and companies listed on the stock exchange, Brigitte has now become the linchpin of Brio’s operations. Building, making progress, and developing valuable projects are the main goals in each of Brigitte’s mandates. This businesswoman diligently directs a strategic overview in problem solving, applying active listening skills and an optimistic openness to the world.

Brigitte considers each person as a whole, in all their differences, which imbues her mobilizing style of communication with strong human values. She encourages productivity, enjoyment, and respect, while attaching great importance to recognizing everyone’s contribution.

Caleb Archambault


Both in hockey games and in client mandates, Caleb has learned to play as a team and to keep his eye on the goal.

Supporting clients in problem solving is Caleb’s priority. Having worked in strategic planning and marketing as well as performance, project and change management, Caleb knows more than anyone about the best ways to work together to find the most suitable strategies. For him, his client’s satisfaction must be an integral part of each step of a business transformation. Through the solutions he provides and the unique experience he offers, his controlled calm and balance make those around him feel confident and secure.

Caleb’s main qualities in his mandates are empathy and his listening and analytical skills. He has the ability to stay calm and maintain composure no matter what situation he or his clients find themselves in. It is the unwavering and steadfast side of him that make Caleb the best resource when it comes to the management of big challenges.

Always seeking to ensure satisfaction, Caleb strives to get a smile out of all his clients.

Camille Cécyre

Senior consultant

For Camille, development is essential in all areas of life. Whether it is personal, professional, organizational or sustainable, development allows us to constantly challenge ourselves to move forward and improve.

Camille has over 10 years of experience in customer service, 4 of which were spent in the areas of change and project management, organizational development, organizational transformation, talent acquisition and human resources management. Her many hats allow her to have a more systemic vision and to adapt her approach to the needs of each client.

As change can be overwhelming, our adviser focuses on collaboration, fun, innovation and development in her leadership. Camille is optimistic and positive and will mobilize human resources so that everyone is an actor of change and harmoniously support the company’s objectives and vision. Her ability to wade into ambiguity and quickly identify the needs of clients leads her to be efficient and versatile when carrying out her duties.

Caroline Ménard



Caroline, a graduate in psychology and management sciences, is known for building strong bonds with her clients and for her devotion to offering them flexible, customized strategies. Her expertise in strategic thinking, organizational design and business development has guided many organizations, from defining to implementing their organizational transformation. Throughout the years, she has, among other things, worked in the fields of digital strategy, restructuring and transforming business models—especially for financial institutions, manufacturing companies and public and semi-public organizations.

Like a theatre director, Caroline uses her creative spirit to lead each of her projects with discipline, sensitivity and good pacing. She understands the importance of thoroughly reading the context and, above all, of having confidence in her team.

Catherine Chilvers

Senior consultant

“Catherine finds that the practice of yoga brings balance to her mind, body and spirit. She reaches full consciousness which in turn helps her align every stakeholder around her projects and have them become a lever of success.”

Passionate for the humankind, she knows how to develop a relation of trust with her clients. Moreover, she believes that stakeholder engagement and working as a team is key to building meaningful transformations.

Catherine holds a masters in organisational change. She developed an expertise in organisational transformation and change management through her various experiences and innovative methodologies. Her unique attributes are active listening, sharp organisaton skills and a solid capability to cease opportunities and challenges.

As yoga involves changing postures, Catherine knows how to adapt to context; her analytical spirit and sense of observation help her realign strategies rapidly. By detecting interdependencies between action and resource, she optimizes synergies while never losing sight of objectives.

Céline Hérion

Executive assistant

Having lived on several continents, Céline is an explorer at heart. This quality is also a great asset to support the realization of our complex administrative projects.

Passionate as much about the environment as the organizational world, she likes to discover hidden treasures, in nature and in each of us. Trained in translation and international relations, Céline has spent most of her career in manufacturing lobbying, public administration and academic affairs. Versatile and having with strong analytical skills, she has accompanied leaders in various strategic programs, while contributing to the administrative management and organization of activities in the field.

At Brio, she supports the management team by working on continuous improvement and facilitating the processing of all administrative and financial requests. Regardless of their nature, through her curiosity and her ease of identifying progress opportunities, she always knows how to meet objectives for her most difficult projects.

Céline Huot


Céline Huot is recognized for her expertise in several areas of strategy, organizational development, public policy, marketing and communications. She views each project as an opportunity to share her knowledge and enthusiasm, but also to continually enrich her expertise. Over the years, her mandates have led her to showcase her skills in various medium and large companies, professional organizations and government agencies, across multiple sectors, where she has always been able to adapt quickly.

As Director, Strategy and Communications in 2012 at the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal, Céline had the mandate to strengthen content expertise and alignment with communication activities. Subsequently, she was promoted to the position of Vice President, Strategy and Public Affairs where she renewed the corporate image and increased the organization’s promotional performance with the marketing team, which was also under her responsibility. In addition, Céline was a director at SECOR-KPMG for nearly 6 years as well as a director of several organizations playing an essential role in the development of the workforce such as Montréal Relève (currently president of the board), Réseau Réussite Montréal, La Factry, the Conseil Emploi Métropole, the Fondation de BAnQ, and Mobility Montréal.

Chantal Godbout

Senior consultant

Chantal’s human-centred approach is based on listening and mutual support. She is known for her positive attitude as a unifying leader with an ability to connect naturally with others.

With more than 20 years of professional experience in management within organizations of international is, Chantal has had the privilege of advising visionaries and inspiring leaders, supporting them in carrying out large-scale projects and proposing creative pathways to solutions. It is thanks to her ability to think strategically and execute, among other things, that she skilfully mobilizes multidisciplinary teams in the achievement of common goals.

In addition to her great sensitivity, Chantal marvels at the small pleasures of everyday life that inspire her to deepen her connection with others and create the space for their energy to shine. A seasoned manager and experienced consultant, she will prepare you to face the unexpected, and will take your success to heart.

Christine Denny

Executive consultant


Christine has been somewhat of a pace setter in her 17 years in the business. She has held key roles in organizational transformation programs of large Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems implementations in industries as diverse as banking, food, telecommunications and health. A Chartered Professional Accountant by trade, she specializes in management consulting, change management, project management and team management. She’s also a big advocate of measuring results.

Christine is a committed team player with an infectious sense of humor who’s always ready to hit the ground running. And whether she’s wearing running shoes or her consultant’s hat, Christine is always game to explore the best roads to take.

Ciro Jaen Paniza

director of marketing and business development

Ciro is an open-minded adventurer who enjoys discovering new cultures and learning new activities. A Frenchman at heart with Italian and Spanish origins, his many trips and moves highlight an enriching international career.

Thanks to his 12 years working in a consulting firm, Ciro has the ideal experience for his role as director of marketing and business development. Digital transformation, support for clients and projects, business development, redesign of websites, blogs, podcasts and videos, you name it; Ciro has managed a wide variety of marketing missions in agencies, start-ups and large organizations.

Our marketing director is a true facilitator. Through respect and professionalism, Ciro uses his experience to position Brio positively in all stages of its development and influence.

Dominique Dancause

Executive consultant


Before joining the Brio team, Dominique gained nearly 15 years of experience in retail project management. In the field, she strives for tangible results and has made her mark with some big names in the television, music, entertainment and publishing industries. Dominique’s understanding of business contexts and strategies and her ability to explain issues simply and clearly, inspires the confidence of managers and directors, and they appreciate her approach to coaching. She’s also got a nose for motivating teams and driving change in major transformational projects.

Like getting absorbed in a compelling novel, Dominique can read a situation and identify the major characters, the winning conditions and convince leaders to join her in a wonderful adventure.

Dominique Garant

Coach & senior consultant

Whether she is at the foot of a mountain or at the starting line of a project, Dominique’s mind is set on the summit, with her attention focused on each of the steps that will get her there.

Dominique has more than 20 years of experience in leadership roles where she had the privilege of training, leading and coaching teams of managers. Her coaching approach aims to create a space of trust and warmth, in which the leader or the team feel the freedom to explore and grow into more inspiring and efficient leaders. This transformational support is based on recognized management principles, but also on introspection and an openness to adopting new behaviours. For Dominique, in management or in hiking, daring to get off the beaten track leads to the best discoveries.

Dominique has a great ability to maximize team collaboration and bring out collective intelligence by leveraging everyone’s strengths. A kind but demanding leader, she guides teams and individuals towards a deeper understanding of themselves, greater tolerance for differences and more effective ways of communicating. She is convinced that together, you will reach the top and that the journey will be filled with laughter (a sense of humour is always a positive, even in the business world).

Émilie Ung-Sun


Émilie, a French woman of Chinese descent, defines herself as a citizen of the world through this dual culture. Her roots make her a consultant that is ready and able to explore the various avenues that appear in moments of transformation.

Émilie is on the same wavelength as Brio when it comes to co-creation. She sets herself apart through her ability to support clients so that strategic thinking is developed jointly and skilfully. For Émilie, there are multiple solutions for a single problem. Through her overall vision, she chooses the most appropriate and relevant organizational transformations for a company. Moreover, her keen knowledge of technologies and her analytical side are key in her unfailing attention to detail and her ability to advise on the most innovative strategies to put in place.

The different cultures that have shaped Émilie influence her culinary passion and her desire to further develop her creativity and her attention to detail. Just like in an organizational transformation, there are many combinations to achieve a dream result.

Emmanuelle Toussaint


Emmanuelle is a travel enthusiast. Whether visiting a new country or a new client, she embraces the culture with openness and demonstrates a strong ability to adapt.

The differences she has experienced in some countries allow her to take a step back from situations to better understand them and become a key player in the success of the teams she supports. Unforeseen events give rise to new ideas that she develops with her clients to guide them towards the best solution adapted to their reality.

In her baggage of experience, Emmanuelle has worked with many management teams as well as in human resource management. She helps her clients develop all the necessary tools to undertake the journey and to appreciate different points of view.

Gabrielle Lebrun


Whether in her travels to the four corners of the world or at Brio’s offices, Gabrielle considers that the real beauty of an experience always lies in the individuals that she meets along the way. Surrounded by the right people, the journey is as exceptional as the destination!

Gabrielle has more than 7 years of professional experience in individual coaching, research, and organizational development. Having worked mainly in the public sector, she has carried out large-scale cross-cutting mandates in health and social services and supported many employees and managers in conflict management. With her multidisciplinary background–which combines counselling, criminology, psychoeducation and organizational development–she adapts quickly to new realities, with an unshakeable faith in people and their abilities.

Empathetic, curious, and thoughtful, Gabrielle understands the discomfort that comes with losing balance, but considers it to be the starting point for the most incredible transformations. She knows better than anyone how to detect and unearth the reflections and needs relevant to the development of her clients. Her great analytical skills allow her to consider different points of view and to link them constructively towards a common goal.

Gabrielle believes that the best surprises of a transformational journey occur when you dare to venture off the beaten track.

Photo Genevieve Tremblay

Geneviève Tremblay

Executive consultant


Innovative and very adept at simplifying complex ideas, Geneviève has 15 years’ experience with several telecommunication companies, where she played a key role in achieving business objectives and mobilizing employees around corporate values. She also contributed to redefining the culture in order to maximize the client experience and the active participation of employees.

Geneviève has an infectious enthusiasm. As a Senior Organizational Transformation Consultant, she devotes her positive energy and relational abilities to serve companies in need of reinvention. She’s an excellent communicator with a talent for simplifying complex projects and exercising true leadership.

Photo Hania Djellout

Hania Djellout

Senior consultant

Curious by nature, Hania has the makeup of a traveller always on the lookout for new information to add to her baggage of knowledge. She seeks to learn about the places she visits and the people she meets, gaining an exemplary understanding of her environment.

Transformation is truly a theme throughout her experiences in her atypical career. Her interest in immersive travel, history and reading have shaped Hania’s ability to read an environment and analyze its context. Her contribution is an added value to clients seeking to co-create a transformation strategy in harmony with their needs. When Hania travels from one mandate to another, the common thread in her objectives is her desire to gain a thorough understanding of the context, from the starting point to the destination. Her mission: to build and develop an organizational transformation story from a comprehensive standpoint.

Henri Guerlesquin

Senior consultant

Whether travelling or at work, Henri is always very open and knows how to adapt to the people he meets!

An adventurer at heart, Henri stands out for his strong adaptation capacity, a key element to evolve within constantly changing environments. With more than seven years of professional experience in project management and change management in France and Switzerland, he possesses listening and analysis skills that allow him to quickly understand his clients’ issues and problems.

He knows how to bring great value to each of his interventions, namely by proposing approaches and concrete solutions adapted to the specificities of each organization. Reliable and conscientious, there is no doubt that Henri will develop close ties with your teams, as demonstrated during his many adventures across continents!

Isabelle Casgrain


While horseback riding and at work, Isabelle shows rigour, discipline and attentiveness. A former high-level athlete, she learned in her horse-riding years that professional fulfillment is as important as personal fulfillment.

With her 10 years of experience in the management and logistics of her family business, Isabelle knows how to perfectly balance performance and self-expression. It is in the negotiation between these two aspects that she helps people thrive in their work and their passion.

Isabelle’s great listening skills allow her to easily create relationships with others. Our consultant is aware that needs are constantly changing, which is why she adapts her transformation strategies to her clients’ evolving needs.

Isabelle Laplante

Coach & senior consultant

In yoga as in coaching, it’s not only the end result that counts, but the learnings made along the way.

Isabelle has nearly 15 years of experience in the field of communications and has recently received a coaching diploma. Authentic, honest, and lively, Isabelle draws her strength from her relationships with others.

Whether for facilitation, individual and group coaching, event design or communication strategies, Isabelle supports organizations in their various transformation needs.

A gifted leader, she knows how to bring people together and guide them towards the achievement of their goals.

Jean-Jacques Ramon

Director consultant and strategic advisor

Jean-Jacques, a team sports fan, knows the benefits of teamwork. His favourite formula: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Beyond team collaboration, Jean-Jacques aims to achieve cooperation to break the silos and regain the pleasure of working together. He addresses each project by decoding the level of cohesion between leaders, managers and teams both vertically—between reporting levels—and horizontally—between peers. Working in the field of business transformation for 30 years, he believes in the importance of saying things. He prefers sharing convictions rather than asserting, and has a real ability to guide people and achieve things.

If transformation means going “beyond what we can imagine,” if agility means “adapting to variability,” combining the two means bringing the organization to the point of self-learning to strengthen its sustainability and performance.  If he had only one key transformation success factor to share: always give meaning!

His top quality: moderation. His acknowledged competence: suggest a human-centred approach and bring the most complex things “to a human level.”

Photo Jessica Lebrun

Jessica Lebrun

Senior consultant

As with her knitting and crochet creations, Jessica likes to weave together her knowledge and diversified experiences with those of her clients to create a unique work that represents them.

For Jessica, achieving a common vision requires stakeholders to work together in a coordinated way. Her main goal is to help her clients succeed in their transformations. Through her great listening skills, she quickly understands environments, challenges and opportunities, and transforms them into concrete action adapted to her clients’ reality.

Known for her rigour, her kindness and her sense of organization, Jessica began her career in scientific research, then put her interest in finding solutions to good use in the management of IT deployments, mainly in the field of health. Her atypical background allows her to support leaders and their teams in a targeted and personalized way while facilitating alignment and putting plans to action.

Photo Jessica Paillart

Jessica Paillart

Executive consultant

Gifted with a great ability to understand the teams she works with, Jessica has held mandates with various clients in the energy, banking, and financial sectors.

She supports leaders in the definition and implementation of major transformation projects in their organizations. Her capacity to listen and empathize render fruitful interactions with teams as she supports them through their projects. People are always at the centre of her action because she is convinced that the commitment of teams is essential to progress.

Jessica was attracted to the consulting profession because of the interactions with clients and colleagues, with whom she enjoys working as a team on a daily basis. A foodie at heart, she finds great joy in the simple moments of life with her family and friends.

Photo Joanne Desjardins

Joanne Desjardins

Strategic Advisor

For Joanne, life is a marathon, not a sprint. Planning for the future means chasing and building unpredictability. Brick by brick, she builds the future of her clients with ardour and rigour with the perseverance of a marathon runner.

Multidisciplinary strategist, Joanne thrives on challenges. Whether it’s running a half-marathon or developing a business strategy. Her human approach characterizes her interventions with clients. It manifests itself in a personalized approach that is part of a long-term relationship with them. Her language translates her thoughts. Quickly, the “I” bowed out for the “we” and “doing it together”. Driven by her contagious dynamism, she makes the success of her clients a personal matter… On your guard! She prepares her clients to overcome uncertainty, navigate the storm, ensure the sustainability of their organization and above all, makes it prosper. Her “marathon” rather than “sprint” vision will make her support meaningful to clients and will allow lasting effects to be put in place.

Julien Gaudier

Senior consultant

For Julien, organizational transformation consulting means embarking on a long-term journey. An individual and collective adventure that makes all stakeholders grow.

Julien is driven by a thirst for learning: learning from others, from organizations, from their cultures, from what makes them unique. Attracted to the unknown, he sees each new project as an opportunity to take on new challenges. To ensure a smooth journey, Julien surrounds himself with the best team members and always stays focused on the objective.

Julien has spent a large part of his professional career in the banking sector where he was able to participate in numerous technological and operational change projects. The various positions he has held thus far have revealed that he is an intrapreneur at heart, always in search of what could be. It is this vision of potential that motivates him to move forward and help the people around him grow. Throughout his professional career, he also developed a great sense of listening to his client’s needs, which always guides his decisions.

Creative, energetic and methodical, Julien believes that no problem can’t be solved if it’s approached collectively. This sense of collegiality and his democratic ideals position him as a facilitator who brings out the ideas of the group.

Kathleen Legrand-Ramjan

Receptionist & office coordinator

Both at Brio and in her personal life, Kathleen perfectly balances her salty side and her frosty side! A former entrepreneur, owner of a pastry shop in Mauritius, her home country, she knows how to leverage her multiple management and customer service experiences to ensure an unparalleled welcome and support experience for all our clients and colleagues.

For Kathleen, human relations and generosity are a fundamental part of customer satisfaction. Always willing to offer the best service, she takes each of her responsibilities at heart and with dedication.

A graduate in secretariat, ambitious and curious by nature, she finds at Brio the human values she fosters. Through her openness and strong sense of responsibility, she maintains exceptional communications and coordination skills. With her desire to learn and her exactness, she is a key contributor to the development of Brio’s administrative team.

Kevin Bergeron

Executive consultant

Kevin views organizational transformation as a learning journey, one in which each stakeholder needs to be attentive to what’s going on around them and the initial game plan is continually adjusted based on emerging signals.

As an avid fan of strategy games, Kevin loves using his analytical skills to identify issues and capitalize on opportunities—particularly those arising from the changing environments in organizational transformations. With six years of experience in operational efficiency, strategy and change management, Kevin is well equipped to take on a variety of roles in project work. He’s worked on numerous initiatives to roll out new technologies and optimize processes, consistently using his leadership skills and desire to provide valuable support during the transformation process.

Kevin’s business sense runs deep, as he ran a student franchise with record-breaking success in Quebec all while completing his bachelor’s degree. He then earned a master’s degree in management sciences (strategy profile) from HEC Montréal, where he wrote a research paper on how high-knowledge organizations proceed with knowledge transfer as part of their succession planning. He also participated in the Montreal-Barcelona Summer School on Management of Creativity in an Innovation Society.

From the games room to the boardroom, Kevin is known for being meticulously prepared, having sharp observational skills and being highly adaptable when assisting business leaders with their transformation projuects, which are all too often marked with unknowns and uncertainty.

Kim Leblanc

Senior consultant

Perseverance and achieving goals have always been at the heart of Kim’s professional and personal life. Whether she is practicing a sport or supporting a client, our senior advisor always focuses on pushing her limits.

Having acquired several years of experience in organizational transformation in service companies and in manufacturing environments, Kim excels in everything related to transformation and change management. She also completed her bachelor’s degree in organizational communication and her master’s degree in intervention and organizational change. She is therefore an ideal reference in terms of change management, mobilization, transformation and leadership.

For Kim and for Brio, people are the centrepiece of the overall transformation process. Patient, passionate, funny and sociable, Kim ensures that each of her clients experience this change transition smoothly. Her values ​​of collaboration and mutual aid make her a very warm and human-focused advisor.

Laurent Lang


Laurent is an absolute travel buff. Constantly discovering new environments and looking for moments of exchange and sharing, he loves diversity of experiences and challenges.

His taste for adventure leads him to step out of his comfort zone; to continue thinking creatively to offer solutions that are off the beaten track. For Laurent, travel comes hand in hand with learning, through experiencing different cultures and through the surprises that travelling often brings.

Holder of a master’s degree in strategy from HEC Montreal as well as a master’s degree in business law from France, Laurent works in strategy, governance, and organizational design. He is dynamic and mindful of others, and knows how to create special moments to bring together different perspectives and interests around common projects.

Both at the professional level and throughout his travels, Laurent makes sure to surround himself with the right people in order to achieve his objectives. It is with this collective mindset that he takes on his role of facilitator in order to bring out new ideas. He supports his clients through a multidisciplinary approach, offering innovative methods that are as on-target as possible in terms of their needs.

Lydia Biron

Senior consultant

An alpine skiing enthusiast, Lydia knows that during a descent, conditions can change at any time. With her great listening skills and flexibility, she adapts to the terrain and context she finds herself in. These qualities are just as useful to her with her clientele.

Through a rigorous reading and analysis of environments, Lydia helps leaders and their teams trace an ambitious and clear trajectory to their goals.

Holder of a master’s degree in Intervention and Organizational Change, she has supported several organizations in the implementation of HR and digital transformations in the past few years.

A dynamic and creative ally, she uses a collaborative approach and innovative strategies to encourage team commitment and mobilization.

Marco Patriarco

Senior consultant

In each of his mandates and within the Brio office, Marco strives to combine his contagious energy with transparency and authenticity. Using his innovative side to enhance his meetings with clients, he provides solid support and always aspires to look beyond.

Through his previous experience as a lawyer-director and entrepreneur, our consultant in governance and strategy is attentive to the various risks and issues in any situation. The notions of risk prevention and implementation of good practices are ever-present in his interventions. Known for analyzing and paying close attention to company ecosystems, Marco is a reference for overseeing mandates whose governance, strategy and transformation are priorities to consider.

Apart from sitting on several boards, Marco regularly acts as a consultant and volunteer in sports and cultural organizations. A fervent aficionado of the outdoors, swimming and skiing, his hobbies keep him psychologically and physically active, while allowing him to push the limits in everything he undertakes.

Marie-Eve Maillé


Marie-Ève tackles company transformation with the attitude she shows when going on an adventure. Whether it’s going to live abroad, outdoing herself outdoors or discovering imposing landscapes, her projects stem from a touch of boldness. Her success in navigating these situations off the beaten track can be explained by her openness, her ease in creating relationships and her ability to adapt.

With a master’s degree in human resources management, Marie-Ève combines her communication and group dynamics expertise with her diagnosis and organizational development proficiency to complete the transformation. All the while considering that each project is unique and that the approach should just be as unique.

Marie-Ève is recognized for her collaboration, customer service, empathy and commitment to her projects. In changing times, she relies on her curiosity to determine the specifics of the challenges, on her creativity to suggest innovative solutions and on her perseverance to reach new heights.

She brings the group closer to the goal one step at a time, because “we can go faster when we’re alone, but we can go further when we’re together.” Go on an adventure with Marie-Ève to discover how, with passion, she can guide you along the sometimes winding paths of transformation.

Marie-Hélène Bédard

Senior consultant

Marie-Hélène is creative and has an excellent reflection capacity. She knows how to team up with leaders and work with their groups.

In all her mandates, Marie-Hélène takes pleasure in helping teams and decision-makers progress and define simple, tailored options. A natural simplifier, she knows how to communicate effectively and simplify complex situations. She is recognized for her listening skills and the support she can provide, and stands out mainly for her solution-centred approach, professionalism and constant desire to help teams grow during her mandates.

Marie-Laurence Gourde-Pinet


An athlete at heart, Marie-Laurence practised classical ballet for more than 20 years. This has brought her structure, resilience and balance, three elements she introduces to her clients, in each of her mandates.

In recent years, Marie-Laurence has worked in the construction, philanthropy and economic development sectors, where she has carried out several interventions in strategy, transformation and change management.

With her contagious energy and her ability to bring innovation into the mix, even in sometimes less favourable environments and contexts, Marie-Laurence knows how to adapt to her environment, while acting as an agent of positive change. Her global understanding of the issues, empathy and communication skills are essential to mobilize the troops. In ballet as in her mandates, she knows how to engage teams towards achieving their final goals, despite the challenges that can sometimes appear in choreography!

Photo Marie-Paule Giguere

Marie-Paule Giguère



With the wind in her sails, she’s learned how to gain the confidence of her crew and lead them safely into port through shifting tides. Today, with her clients’ teams, she knows how to position people to maximize their strengths and propel an organization to meet its growth challenge.

With her thirst for knowledge and unwavering discipline, Marie-Paule is experienced at navigating the troubled waters of organizational transformation. She knows how to identify strategic decisions and reach the necessary consensus to get her clients up to cruising speed.

Marie-Paule puts a lot of heart into what she does, and she enjoys bringing people together and volunteering. When she’s not coaching her son’s soccer team, you might find her chairing the Board of Directors of Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique. No matter what the challenge, she draws from her wellspring of creativity to achieve that unique Brio difference that clients looks for.

Marise Folco

Executive assistant


Marise has over 25 years of experience as an administrative assistant, including 7 years as an executive assistant in business strategy & development for a major consulting firm. Her knowledge of the business world, her devotion to her work and her long-term vision have allowed her to build enriching relationships, even in constantly changing environments.

What motivates Marise above all else is the satisfaction of working on a project and seeing it develop, transform and grow. Starting from scratch, she has the ability to create a lush garden. Her interest in transformation is reflected in the passion she brings to every project at Brio.

Photo Marylou Dufour

Marylou Dufour

Senior consultant

While some see the boxing ring as the place where two fighters face-off, for Marylou it is more of a strategic exchange where agility, cunning and persistence are required. For her, this passion for boxing takes on its full meaning in her job as a consultant.

Marylou is particularly involved in strategy, governance and organizational development. With a background in psychology and the development of people and organizations, she is particularly interested in the health of organizations. Through the completion of several mandates, she has contributed to the achievement of the growth objectives of numerous management teams and boards of directors in various sectors. Committed, dynamic and proactive, Marylou knows how to juggle multiple priorities and meet tight deadlines. Her work ethic as well as her sense of organization and observation allow her to support clients in identifying promising and effective solutions to meet their challenges. Whether in boxing or with clients, Marylou doesn’t hesitate to put on gloves to hit the target!

Photo Maryse Leduc

Maryse Leduc

Director consultant

Maryse sets herself apart through her empathetic listening skills, her creativity, and her talent as a communicator. She strongly believes in people’s ability to push their limits and continually develop both professionally and personally.

Her interventions as a facilitator of change help each of her clients to use their skills to optimize their development and position as leaders to support the transformations of organizations. With a great thirst for knowledge, she constantly seeks innovative methods and tools to integrate into her practice. She is the personal development leader par excellence. Through her ability to question strategic ambitions, she applies a perspective of evolution and transformation in all her mandates, which require a deep understanding of the organizations she works with, as well as their objectives.

For more than 25 years, Maryse has worked in consulting and business development in transformation and optimization contexts. As an ACC-certified coach from the International Coaching Federation, she provides unparalleled consulting to her clients.

Mathieu Chény

Senior consultant

Mathieu is a firm believer in the power of collective and individual self-improvement, both in sports and in the workplace. He is committed to making a positive impact on his clients and believes that the success of any transformation depends on the shared responsibility of leaders and teams. In his view, success is achieved when the factors of excellence and performance targeted by the organization are realized in the daily routines of the teams while promoting conditions of well-being and enjoyment.

With over 7 years of experience in strategy and business transformation across various sectors such as energy, luxury, banking, and naval, Mathieu aims to accompany his clients in a transparent and collaborative manner to accelerate project success. He believes in the importance of understanding the unique context and culture of each organization to ensure tailored solutions that deliver tangible results.

As a passionate advocate for the importance of soft skills in the workplace, he strives to empower his clients to develop leadership qualities that create positive and lasting change. For each project, he ensures the proper alignment and investment of leaders to onboard the teams under the best conditions.

Maude Laliberté

Executive consultant


In the past few years, Maude has worked in the fields of human resources management, organizational development and change management. Conscientious about ensuring that everyone is motivated by individual and collective goals, she has also worked with many management teams to develop customized, concrete strategies and stayed to supervise their organizational transition.

Maude is a highly disciplined and organized player who approaches her work like sports: she knows that everyone on the team makes an important contribution to scoring a goal.

Photo Michel Drouin

Michel Drouin



Michel loves to immerse himself in his clients’ worlds. Versatile and a great listener, he passionately applies his analytical and structured mind to the most complex transformational challenges. He’s recognized for his vast experience, earned over many successful projects for clients in various business sectors. Michel always strives to drive change management to optimize business benefits and his pragmatic advice is sought for all types of projects, especially for large-scale technological change.

One thing is for sure, whether he’s observing the interactions between people or attempting to understand the synergy of a team, people know when Michel gets that analytical look in his eye… and they can’t wait to hear how he wants to reinvent things.

Mikael Cardin

Executive consultant

What drives Mikael is achieving the transformation of everyday practices and behaviours, both at the team and leader levels.

During his career, he has been involved in strategic thinking mandates, major transformation programs, and guiding field teams and local managers through periods of change.

At Brio, Mikael is responsible for the Operational Transformation expertise where he leverages his human resource management, entrepreneurial and consulting experiences to help his clients maximize their energies and create more value around them and in their organization. In all his missions, Mikael knows how to strike a favourable balance between purpose, customer promise, strategic ambition, business priorities and operational realities.

Nancy Fung Yee

Coordinator leadership expertise

Originally from Madagascar, Nancy did part of her studies in France, in Lyon, to finally settle in Montreal. At Brio, she leverages the knowledge developed throughout her international journey, and her great ability to adapt, to act as a resource person in the daily administrative management of our leadership services.

With a master’s degree in management, Nancy supports her colleagues at Brio in different fields such as marketing, project management and business development. Always ready to improve things—procedures, tools or processes—she is committed to helping her colleagues and making them stand out. Thorough and versatile, she performs diligent coordination and follow-up work to ensure at all times that our leaders and coaches are ready and properly equipped.

From project management to consulting services and marketing, from Europe to Canada, as with all the missions she works on, Nancy adapts very easily and embraces diversity, whether project-related or cultural!

Nathalie Langis


Nathalie drives positive energy into each interaction, whether with her family, colleagues, or clients. A yoga, hiking and kickboxing enthusiast, she places significant importance on embodying “a sound mind in a sound body.”

Working in the consulting services industry for nearly 20 years, Nathalie has supported organizations from various sectors in interventions aimed at leadership development. These interventions intend to increase team mobilization and support transformation. She is driven by the desire to mobilize collective energy to positively transform organizations. Passionate about the science of human functioning applied to leadership, she is one of the first in Quebec to receive certification from the NeuroLeadership Institute.

Nathalie is passionate about leadership and personal development. She constantly reads books on the subject and uses her knowledge to help leaders motivate their teams to achieve their goals while promoting human and sustainable performance.

Nathalie Langlois

Senior consultant

With the same agility and synchronization she displays in her alpine skiing, Nathalie knows how to adapt to an environment and anticipate needs while adjusting to the pace of her clients.

Nathalie has 20 years of experience in marketing, strategic planning, and digital transformation. Over the years, her professional career has taken her from operations to the strategic sphere, allowing her to acquire an overall perspective of organizational priorities and issues. Both in sport and at work, Nathalie believes in having inspiring objectives in order to mobilize her team or her colleagues.

Nathalie is an evolution-focused agent of change who sees the areas for potential optimization in organizations. She believes that companies wishing to undergo transformation will reach their goals through collaboration. No matter how high the mountain, she helps her clients achieve organizational change with the appropriate strategies.

Enthusiastic about human development and coaching, Nathalie inspires confidence in her clients through her optimism, her empathy, and her listening ear.

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Pascale Garceau

specialist in document editing and production

When she was younger, Pascale loved playing with Lego, which revealed her structured and Cartesian side, but also her colourful and creative qualities. Today, she juggles these forces, both in her role as a specialist and in her personal life.

Considerate, structured and intuitive, Pascale has all the qualities of a specialist in document editing and production. Her writing, which she is passionate about, allows her to rationalize her thoughts and structure her strategic plans. Having worked as a technical writer and translator for more than 16 years, Pascale brilliantly masters everything related to documentation: layout, revision, writing, translation, etc. She never misses those typos!

Pascale’s pragmatic approach is one of her great strengths; she thinks of everything, even details that many would miss. Constantly motivated to improve processes of all kinds, Brio’s openness in regard to her objectives is, for her, the basis of a successful collaboration.

Photo Philippe Carpentier

Philippe Carpentier



His passion for reinventing organizations has led him across Canada, the U.S. and Europe, working closely and exchanging with different business leaders and visionaries confronted with complex problems or projects that need to be structured, materialized and successfully piloted. From geographic expansions to mergers and acquisitions, from new market strategies to changes in leadership or governance, Philippe is a seasoned strategist who sees both the global context and the smallest implementation details.

With experience in finance, insurance, distribution, and professional and para-public services, Philippe has contributed to the emergence of brilliance everywhere he’s navigated, thanks to the depths of his organizational thinking. Without ever rocking the boat, he always manages to stay the course.

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Rollande Levilon

invoice expert

Whether to blow off some steam, to help stay focused, or to develop a sense of rigour, boxing helps Rollande push her limits in her personal and professional life.

Looking to continue to evolve in the field of accounting and finance, Rollande has all the skills needed to raise the bar for the entire invoicing process, known as e-Billing. What’s more, her significant and relevant experience in JavaScript and HTML allow her to understand all the complexity behind the programming process, in addition to keeping up to date with new approaches. Moreover, Rollande is constantly on the lookout for new innovative technologies, and makes sure continue developing this expertise over time.

Rozenn Rousval

talent management coordinator

Originally from Brittany, Rozenn has always enjoyed spending time in nature. Having spent her youth playing in fields and near streams, nature evokes in her a sensitivity and great receptivity favourable to her duties at Brio.

Coaching has been the common thread in Rozenn’s career, which has led her to become a talent management coordinator. With a master’s degree in teaching, Rozenn arrived in Quebec with a love of human resources, which led her to pursue her studies in management and human resources. Her desire to learn and discover new and enriching aspects of her environment is a perfect example of her ability to adapt to all types of situations. After discovering Brio, Rozenn instinctively knew that she wanted to be part of the team and share the values of caring and cooperation.

Rozenn is the contact person for every Briotonian. From integration to growth in the community, Rozenn serves as a guide and reference with the aim of development. She is empathetic and cheerful with a warm smile, and loves harmony in any environment, be it at work or in nature.

Sabrina Dubé

Executive consultant


Sabrina takes a constructive approach to transformation, giving her clients a leg up and keeping them ahead of the pack. Through constant listening and constructive dialogue, she helps managers understand their needs and surpass themselves.

As a woman who’s both thoughtful and passionate, she leverages her relational skills and strategic mind to achieve evolution and prosperity. No matter which road she has to follow or how many hills she has to climb, she knows how to adapt to deliver organizational change that gets you where you want to go.

Salomé Cap

Senior consultant

Salomé shows the same rigour, discipline and performance in her ballet dancing as she does when providing advice to clients.

Before joining our team, Salomé acquired experience working on the strategic issues of tomorrow and in digital maturity assessment; this is her added value at Brio. During her career, Salomé specialized in strategic planning and financial services. Her strengths are her digital skills and her strategic plans, which ensure that she always offers the solution best suited to her client’s reality.

In her consulting practices, Salomé aims to deliver quality, ensure good collaboration, and bring in the appropriate people according to the given mandates. This allows her to achieve objectives, respond to changes and anticipate unforeseen events. In ballet as in consulting, being calm and adaptable to the complexities of the profession is a show of unwavering endurance. For Salomé, this is why knowing which way to go is one of the most essential qualities in a world of evolution and transformation.


Photo Saoud Maherzi

Saoud Maherzi


According to Saoud Maherzi, the best goal, whether you are an advisor or a soccer player, is a pass.

“As an advisor, it is when I assist my clients in meeting their objectives that I truly fulfill my function by helping them get right to the point.”

Saoud has a bachelor’s degree in finance and a master’s degree in management from HEC Montréal. He uses his analytical skills and sense of synthesis for the benefit of his clients to deliver a strong performance in the field.

For Saoud, communication and team spirit are the cornerstone of all value-creating activities. Together, we go further.

Sarah-Anaïs Julien-Matte

Senior consultant

As someone involved in an organization that promotes the well-being, safety and full potential of women, Sarah-Anaïs is the perfect person for mandates where development and compassion are at the heart of the transformation strategy.

With more than 12 years of experience in consulting and management, Sarah-Anaïs has worked in a team specializing in strategy, business intelligence, economics and public policy. Our executive consultant ensures that clients are supported in the achievement of their highest goals. Through her approach, she doesn’t only focus on the tasks assigned to her; she also seeks to understand each of the stakeholders involved and to support the client in propelling the transformation of their organization. Sarah-Anaïs develops a winning and long-term relationship with her partners through her professionalism and high-level expertise.

Her involvement in the community is in line with Brio’s core values. The human aspect is at the heart of her commitment to others, and this is what brings her great joy when it comes to co-developing and co-creating.

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Sébastien Blais

Executive consultant

For Sébastien, baseball is an inspiration to tackle his consulting job and the management challenges within organizations: know how to be a team player while mastering your role, have the right strategy for the situation, be well positioned, and know how to combine skills, speed, patience and humility.

In all game situations, this statistics buff knows how to use data to facilitate decision-making. For nearly 20 years, Sébastien has been taking part in and led several projects that have enabled him to develop expertise in strategic planning, organizational model design and process modelling for transformation projects.

Recognized for his leadership and enthusiasm, he knows how to mobilize and rally the forces within management and work teams so that transformations combine meaning and concrete results.
Whether working with financial services, professional IT and telecommunication services or the health and social services sector: Sébastien knows, just like for baseball, how to adapt to different fields and positions to contribute to the success of his clients.

Shanelle Pascal

Talent management director


Captivated by people and their unique talents, Shanelle is a CHRP with over 7 years of experience as a human resources generalist and recruitment expert. She has contributed to the growth of small and medium-sized companies in the information technology, media and entertainment sectors as well as in consulting. Her professional experience includes organizational development, talent acquisition, performance management, compensation, and skills development.

Always looking for solutions, persevering and unwavering in her positivism, Shanelle seeks and finds harmony between the needs of employees and the organization!

Photo Stephane Rochereau

Stéphane Rochereau



Stéphane uses a personalized, personable approach to encourage the insight and teamwork to help clients reinvent themselves. Throughout his career, Stéphane has worked in several countries and for many international companies and he has lent his expertise in talent management, organizational design and operational excellence in various sectors. In addition, he knows how to help his clients define their transformation, from design to implementation, for Mergers & Acquisitions, organizational transformation or technological and cultural change.

Whether he’s playing on the soccer field or working in an organization, Stéphane uses the group’s collective intelligence to devise the best strategies to score a successful team transformation.

Photo Stephanie Frechette

Stéphanie Fréchette

Senior consultant


She has several tools in her backpack, including a Master’s degree in Managerial Science with a human resources specialization. Stéphanie is also a member of the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés. For over three years, she has been garnering more and more expertise in the development of programs with a human dimension. She is nimble enough to push clients further along the path of constructive strategic thought and analysis.

Stéphanie helps her clients reinvent themselves while they are running their business. Even when the going gets rough, she is able to adapt and listen. Clients can count on her expertise and her coordination skills to bring them to new heights.

Stéphanie Richard

Senior consultant

For Stéphanie, what matters is not so much the destination but the intention behind each action.

With more than 20 years of experience in advisory services, Stéphanie has developed an expertise in strategy, marketing and information technology. Her professional journey reflects her genuine curiosity, her appetite for gaining new skills and her desire for continuous development.

Establishing meaningful relationships fuels her motivation on a daily basis and the opportunity to collaborate and make a difference with her clients and colleagues brings meaning to her work.  Rigorous and structured in her approach, she distinguishes herself by her strategic thinking and her capacity for synthesis and analysis while she reveals a personality of her own with her contagious enthusiasm and sharp sense of humor.

An avid sportsman, Stéphanie is a tennis and yoga master who enjoys lacing her soccer shoes as much as she does putting on her ski boots.

If she likes to remind herself that happiness can sometimes be found in little things, she has nonetheless led numerous large-scale projects with multidisciplinary teams, including the implementation of ERP solutions and the management of a marketing agency’s digital project office. She has also accompanied her clients through audits and brand identity exercises in addition to elaborating strategic marketing roadmaps and planning and optimizing the performance of multichannel activation campaigns, both locally and internationally.

Photo Sylvie Charbonneau

Sylvie Charbonneau

Founding partner

Sylvie is an experienced consultant whose expertise is recognized across the country.

She coaches organizations on strategic thinking and on defining and implementing their organisational transformations. With over 35 years of experience, she has guided many management and executive teams in strategic thinking, organizational transformation and change management. Over the years, she has lent her expertise to a variety of organizations, including financial institutions, large manufacturers, service companies and many government agencies. Known for her dynamic and engaging style, she regularly hosts conferences, training sessions and workshops on management and organizational challenges.

There’s no doubt, whether she’s performing on stage or working within an organization, Sylvie has the energy and the voice to bring people together, create harmony and reach the high notes.

Sylvie is so much more than the Founder of Brio—she teaches in the department of Executive Education at HEC Montréal. She’s also a member of the Board of Directors of the Réseau des Conseillers en Management du Québec where she manages the Change Management Centre of Excellence in Quebec. Last, but certainly not least, she serves on the Executive Committee of the Kidney Foundation of Canada, Quebec branch.

Photo Sylvie Guignon

Sylvie Guignon

Director consultant

Photography and organizational transformation are very similar. To take a successful shot, you need to step back to fully see your subject and ensure that the most important elements are present and in the light.

Sylvie boasts over twenty-five years of experience within various ministries, organizations, multinationals, and public and private companies, both in France and Quebec. Throughout her career, she has developed her transformation and change management expertise, particularly in the analysis and revision of business processes, large-scale technological changes, and leadership development. A unifying leader herself, Sylvie always demonstrates great integrity, and always respects the complexity of the practices and contexts of the clients she is collaborating with.

Whether behind the lens or behind a transformation, Sylvie is sure to carry out a meticulous analysis of her subjects and their environments, focussing on key areas without ever losing sight of the objectives.

Véronique Kéna-Cohen

Executive consultant

“Passionate about humans and their well-being, Veronique is inspired by her yoga practice to guide groups through focusing on alignment, individualization, adaptation, and progression.”

After completing studies in neuroscience and analysis and development of organizations, Veronique worked in sectors including research, community and international development, and technology. During 15 years of experience as a project manager, she led and facilitated initiatives such as: organizational diagnoses, strategic planning, renewing talent management practices, project and program evaluations, and process improvements. Her interventions are imbued in the belief that everyone – and every group – is different and deserves a personalized approach, well aligned and adapted to their reality.

As experienced leader, she easily moves from planning to action by leveraging an energetic and playful facilitation style that inspires each person to open themselves up to possibilities, to participate fully in discussions and to cocreate innovative solutions. With Brio, Veronique is looking to stimulate organizational transformation by guiding team alignment and mobilization, and by making transformation processes individualized so that everyone benefits.


Ziad Nader

Executive consultant

With a keen interest in technological changes, behaviours, cultures and current events our executive consultant Ziad is a true expert who is skilled at putting the evolution of an organizational environment into perspective.

With more than 20 years of professional experience in organizational development, change management and human resources management, Ziad has supported several organizations in their transformation projects. Throughout his career, he has also helped business leaders align their HR strategies with their business orientations, with the aim to improve the performance of their organizations and employees.

Ziad stands out for his inclusive and structured approach as well as his problem-solving skills. He uses technology, empowerment, and resource engagement to develop the organizational abilities needed for lasting change. His concern for profitability and value creation is appreciated by his clients.

Zoé Lajoie

Senior consultant

At the heart of her passion for interior design as well as with her mandates, Zoé’s goal is to allow each element to contribute to a coherent and effective whole.

With a background in communications strategy, government relations and business analysis, she uses her experience in corporate strategy and her understanding of the business world to help organizations transform and position themselves better to ensure their growth. Whether it’s through changes to internal processes or a better understanding of the context in which the business is evolving, she has an eye for detail that will take your projects to the next level.

Her years of consulting experience have allowed her to develop a deep understanding of a multitude of industries and to adapt her knowledge to various types of organizations. Her clients appreciate her rigorous analytical sense, her developed spirit of synthesis and her ability to work under pressure while respecting demanding deadlines.

Just as in her design projects, vision and needs guide her thinking and provide her with the necessary understanding to effectively guide her clients towards their objectives.

Our collaborators

  • Aline Baron Consultant
  • André Coupet Advisor
  • Anne Ménard Consultant
  • Camille Simard-Lavoie Consultant
  • Carole Jouanno Consultant
  • Céline Bareil Professor, HEC Montréal
  • Isabelle Sebti Consultant
  • Josiane Moisan Advisor
  • Kevin Johnson Professor, HEC MONTRÉAL
  • Ludovic Boutin Consultant
  • Renée Huard Consultant
  • Sébastien Garcin Advisor
  • Valerie Smadja Consultant
  • Yves-Henri Robillard Advisor

Our coaches

  • Jocelyn Bérard Coach
  • Carole Doucet Coach
  • Guylaine Grenier Coach
  • David Carey Coach
  • Hélène Desrochers Coach
  • Alexandra De Navacelle Coach
  • Jo-Anne DuquetteCoach
  • Lyne CathcartCoach
  • Lyse MérineauCoach
  • Martine SaulnierCoach
  • Maryse St-DenisCoach
  • Nadine Beaupré Coach
  • Marcel ForgetCoach
  • Nancy BeaulieuCoach
  • Renault PoliquinCoach
  • Yanina Trubchanka Coach

Advisory Committee

Brio is proud to be able to count on high-level expertise to guide our actions in order to serve you better. We consult our committee several times a year for guidance in our strategic orientations, alliances and market development initiatives. The committee’s expert advice is also essential in helping us elaborate an efficient visibility and business development strategy, aligned with our values.

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Photo Charles Decarie

Charles Décarie

Photo Marie-Anne Tawil

Marie-Anne Tawil


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Join the biggest dedicated and engaged team of advisors and coaches in transformation in Quebec!


Do you want to join our team?

To make a contribution, grow and reinvent yourself

Join the biggest dedicated and engaged team of advisors and coaches in transformation in Quebec!

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