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Originally from Brittany, Rozenn has always enjoyed spending time in nature. Having spent her youth playing in fields and near streams, nature evokes in her a sensitivity and great receptivity favourable to her duties at Brio.

Coaching has been the common thread in Rozenn’s career, which has led her to become a talent management coordinator. With a master’s degree in teaching, Rozenn arrived in Quebec with a love of human resources, which led her to pursue her studies in management and human resources. Her desire to learn and discover new and enriching aspects of her environment is a perfect example of her ability to adapt to all types of situations. After discovering Brio, Rozenn instinctively knew that she wanted to be part of the team and share the values of caring and cooperation.

Rozenn is the contact person for every Briotonian. From integration to growth in the community, Rozenn serves as a guide and reference with the aim of development. She is empathetic and cheerful with a warm smile, and loves harmony in any environment, be it at work or in nature.