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Whether she is at the foot of a mountain or at the starting line of a project, Dominique’s mind is set on the summit, with her attention focused on each of the steps that will get her there.

Dominique has more than 20 years of experience in leadership roles where she had the privilege of training, leading and coaching teams of managers. Her coaching approach aims to create a space of trust and warmth, in which the leader or the team feel the freedom to explore and grow into more inspiring and efficient leaders. This transformational support is based on recognized management principles, but also on introspection and an openness to adopting new behaviours. For Dominique, in management or in hiking, daring to get off the beaten track leads to the best discoveries.

Dominique has a great ability to maximize team collaboration and bring out collective intelligence by leveraging everyone’s strengths. A kind but demanding leader, she guides teams and individuals towards a deeper understanding of themselves, greater tolerance for differences and more effective ways of communicating. She is convinced that together, you will reach the top and that the journey will be filled with laughter (a sense of humour is always a positive, even in the business world).