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Both in hockey games and in client mandates, Caleb has learned to play as a team and to keep his eye on the goal.

Supporting clients in problem solving is Caleb’s priority. Having worked in strategic planning and marketing as well as performance, project and change management, Caleb knows more than anyone about the best ways to work together to find the most suitable strategies. For him, his client’s satisfaction must be an integral part of each step of a business transformation. Through the solutions he provides and the unique experience he offers, his controlled calm and balance make those around him feel confident and secure.

Caleb’s main qualities in his mandates are empathy and his listening and analytical skills. He has the ability to stay calm and maintain composure no matter what situation he or his clients find themselves in. It is the unwavering and steadfast side of him that make Caleb the best resource when it comes to the management of big challenges.

Always seeking to ensure satisfaction, Caleb strives to get a smile out of all his clients.