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Salomé shows the same rigour, discipline and performance in her ballet dancing as she does when providing advice to clients.

Before joining our team, Salomé acquired experience working on the strategic issues of tomorrow and in digital maturity assessment; this is her added value at Brio. During her career, Salomé specialized in strategic planning and financial services. Her strengths are her digital skills and her strategic plans, which ensure that she always offers the solution best suited to her client’s reality.

In her consulting practices, Salomé aims to deliver quality, ensure good collaboration, and bring in the appropriate people according to the given mandates. This allows her to achieve objectives, respond to changes and anticipate unforeseen events. In ballet as in consulting, being calm and adaptable to the complexities of the profession is a show of unwavering endurance. For Salomé, this is why knowing which way to go is one of the most essential qualities in a world of evolution and transformation.