Stéphanie Fréchette

Photo Stephanie Frechette

Stéphanie is a climbing enthusiast. On the job as on a rock face, she makes sure her clients are properly equipped to analyze their surroundings while she leads them through unpredictable terrain.

She has several tools in her backpack, including a Master’s degree in Managerial Science with a human resources specialization. Stéphanie is also a member of the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés. For over three years, she has been garnering more and more expertise in the development of programs with a human dimension. She is nimble enough to push clients further along the path of constructive strategic thought and analysis.

Stéphanie helps her clients reinvent themselves while they are running their business. Even when the going gets rough, she is able to adapt and listen. Clients can count on her expertise and her coordination skills to bring them to new heights.