Nathalie Langlois

With the same agility and synchronization she displays in her alpine skiing, Nathalie knows how to adapt to an environment and anticipate needs while adjusting to the pace of her clients.

Nathalie has 20 years of experience in marketing, strategic planning, and digital transformation. Over the years, her professional career has taken her from operations to the strategic sphere, allowing her to acquire an overall perspective of organizational priorities and issues. Both in sport and at work, Nathalie believes in having inspiring objectives in order to mobilize her team or her colleagues.

Nathalie is an evolution-focused agent of change who sees the areas for potential optimization in organizations. She believes that companies wishing to undergo transformation will reach their goals through collaboration. No matter how high the mountain, she helps her clients achieve organizational change with the appropriate strategies.

Enthusiastic about human development and coaching, Nathalie inspires confidence in her clients through her optimism, her empathy, and her listening ear.