Michel Drouin

Photo Michel Drouin

Whether it’s nature, people or organizations, Michel likes to observe and analyze. He’s fascinated by their complexity and dynamics and loves to identify the strengths, analyze the strategies and the actions and reactions, so he can envision a new way of doing things.

Michel loves to immerse himself in his clients’ worlds. Versatile and a great listener, he passionately applies his analytical and structured mind to the most complex transformational challenges. He’s recognized for his vast experience, earned over many successful projects for clients in various business sectors. Michel always strives to drive change management to optimize business benefits and his pragmatic advice is sought for all types of projects, especially for large-scale technological change.

One thing is for sure, whether he’s observing the interactions between people or attempting to understand the synergy of a team, people know when Michel gets that analytical look in his eye… and they can’t wait to hear how he wants to reinvent things.