Maryse Leduc

Photo Maryse Leduc

Maryse sets herself apart through her empathetic listening skills, her creativity, and her talent as a communicator. She strongly believes in people’s ability to push their limits and continually develop both professionally and personally.

Her interventions as a facilitator of change help each of her clients to use their skills to optimize their development and position as leaders to support the transformations of organizations. With a great thirst for knowledge, she constantly seeks innovative methods and tools to integrate into her practice. She is the personal development leader par excellence. Through her ability to question strategic ambitions, she applies a perspective of evolution and transformation in all her mandates, which require a deep understanding of the organizations she works with, as well as their objectives.

For more than 25 years, Maryse has worked in consulting and business development in transformation and optimization contexts. As an ACC-certified coach from the International Coaching Federation, she provides unparalleled consulting to her clients.