Marylou Dufour

Photo Marylou Dufour

While some see the boxing ring as the place where two fighters face-off, for Marylou it is more of a strategic exchange where agility, cunning and persistence are required. For her, this passion for boxing takes on its full meaning in her job as a consultant.

Marylou is particularly involved in strategy, governance and organizational development. With a background in psychology and the development of people and organizations, she is particularly interested in the health of organizations. Through the completion of several mandates, she has contributed to the achievement of the growth objectives of numerous management teams and boards of directors in various sectors. Committed, dynamic and proactive, Marylou knows how to juggle multiple priorities and meet tight deadlines. Her work ethic as well as her sense of organization and observation allow her to support clients in identifying promising and effective solutions to meet their challenges. Whether in boxing or with clients, Marylou doesn’t hesitate to put on gloves to hit the target!