Marie-Paule Giguère

Photo Marie-Paule Giguere

Marie-Paule is fascinated with water. At a very young age, she started learning to manoeuvre different crafts, first by herself, then as part of a crew, and later as a sailboat skipper or as team leader in dragon-boat competitions.

With the wind in her sails, she’s learned how to gain the confidence of her crew and lead them safely into port through shifting tides. Today, with her clients’ teams, she knows how to position people to maximize their strengths and propel an organization to meet its growth challenge.

With her thirst for knowledge and unwavering discipline, Marie-Paule is experienced at navigating the troubled waters of organizational transformation. She knows how to identify strategic decisions and reach the necessary consensus to get her clients up to cruising speed.

Marie-Paule puts a lot of heart into what she does, and she enjoys bringing people together and volunteering. When she’s not coaching her son’s soccer team, you might find her chairing the Board of Directors of Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique. No matter what the challenge, she draws from her wellspring of creativity to achieve that unique Brio difference that clients looks for.