Julien Gaudier

For Julien, organizational transformation consulting means embarking on a long-term journey. An individual and collective adventure that makes all stakeholders grow.

Julien is driven by a thirst for learning: learning from others, from organizations, from their cultures, from what makes them unique. Attracted to the unknown, he sees each new project as an opportunity to take on new challenges. To ensure a smooth journey, Julien surrounds himself with the best team members and always stays focused on the objective.

Julien has spent a large part of his professional career in the banking sector where he was able to participate in numerous technological and operational change projects. The various positions he has held thus far have revealed that he is an intrapreneur at heart, always in search of what could be. It is this vision of potential that motivates him to move forward and help the people around him grow. Throughout his professional career, he also developed a great sense of listening to his client’s needs, which always guides his decisions.

Creative, energetic and methodical, Julien believes that no problem can’t be solved if it’s approached collectively. This sense of collegiality and his democratic ideals position him as a facilitator who brings out the ideas of the group.