Geneviève Tremblay

Geneviève loves people. She’s a natural at bringing them together – from colleagues to clients, friends, and family, she’s in tune with other people’s emotions. That’s where she gets her inspiration to be a change agent who makes a positive difference for individuals and organizations.

Innovative and very adept at simplifying complex ideas, Geneviève has 15 years’ experience with several telecommunication companies, where she played a key role in achieving business objectives and mobilizing employees around corporate values. She also contributed to redefining the culture in order to maximize the client experience and the active participation of employees.

Geneviève has an infectious enthusiasm. As a Senior Organizational Transformation Consultant, she devotes her positive energy and relational abilities to serve companies in need of reinvention. She’s an excellent communicator with a talent for simplifying complex projects and exercising true leadership.