Chantal Godbout

Chantal’s human-centred approach is based on listening and mutual support. She is known for her positive attitude as a unifying leader with an ability to connect naturally with others.

With more than 20 years of professional experience in management within organizations of international is, Chantal has had the privilege of advising visionaries and inspiring leaders, supporting them in carrying out large-scale projects and proposing creative pathways to solutions. It is thanks to her ability to think strategically and execute, among other things, that she skilfully mobilizes multidisciplinary teams in the achievement of common goals.

In addition to her great sensitivity, Chantal marvels at the small pleasures of everyday life that inspire her to deepen her connection with others and create the space for their energy to shine. A seasoned manager and experienced consultant, she will prepare you to face the unexpected, and will take your success to heart.