Ariane Choquette

“In dance as at work, Ariane relies on teamwork, listening and the commitment of participants to create a collective movement towards success. Passionate and driven by creativity, she firmly believes that the key to a great performance requires a bold and thoughtful choreography.”

A recipient of numerous excellence scholarships and a holder of a master’s degree in organizational development, Ariana has experience working at major companies and has developed great expertise in organizational transformation and change management. She is known to use participatory and innovative techniques to involve stakeholders and ensure team success.

Her enthusiasm for individuals and the challenges that surround her leads her to form relationships of trust with her clients. She is fully devoted to the success of her projects. Recognized for her high energy, her empathy and her great rigour, Ariane goes from one end of the process to the other with an agility and flexibility that match her dance skills. In her art as in her role as a consultant, she adapts to different situations, always in harmony with her client’s needs.