Laurent Lang

Laurent is an absolute travel buff. Constantly discovering new environments and looking for moments of exchange and sharing, he loves diversity of experiences and challenges.

His taste for adventure leads him to step out of his comfort zone; to continue thinking creatively to offer solutions that are off the beaten track. For Laurent, travel comes hand in hand with learning, through experiencing different cultures and through the surprises that travelling often brings.

Holder of a master’s degree in strategy from HEC Montreal as well as a master’s degree in business law from France, Laurent works in strategy, governance, and organizational design. He is dynamic and mindful of others, and knows how to create special moments to bring together different perspectives and interests around common projects.

Both at the professional level and throughout his travels, Laurent makes sure to surround himself with the right people in order to achieve his objectives. It is with this collective mindset that he takes on his role of facilitator in order to bring out new ideas. He supports his clients through a multidisciplinary approach, offering innovative methods that are as on-target as possible in terms of their needs.