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Jean-Jacques, a team sports fan, knows the benefits of teamwork. His favourite formula: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Beyond team collaboration, Jean-Jacques aims to achieve cooperation to break the silos and regain the pleasure of working together. He addresses each project by decoding the level of cohesion between leaders, managers and teams both vertically—between reporting levels—and horizontally—between peers. Working in the field of business transformation for 30 years, he believes in the importance of saying things. He prefers sharing convictions rather than asserting, and has a real ability to guide people and achieve things.

If transformation means going “beyond what we can imagine,” if agility means “adapting to variability,” combining the two means bringing the organization to the point of self-learning to strengthen its sustainability and performance.  If he had only one key transformation success factor to share: always give meaning!

His top quality: moderation. His acknowledged competence: suggest a human-centred approach and bring the most complex things “to a human level.”