Coaching – personalized guidance to address change

Ever since my first interventions as a professional coach during transformation projects, I observed that the word “coaching” was among the most misused words in the practice of change management. It is often used in situations where advice, training, or engagement activities are provided even though these don’t necessarily involve coaching. And so, I think that clarifications are in order.

Coaching is personalized guidance provided to a client by a professional coach. It aims to help achieve management objectives or development targets more quickly and efficiently. Coaching is a very powerful change process. It helps managers address organizational as well as personnel changes.

When you hire a coach, it means that you are truly determined to achieve the best possible results. A coach is a partner who takes to heart the success of your transformation project.

Business people and managers have recently become aware that they have a lot to gain from working with a qualified coach. A coach helps them set the right targets and work more effectively to reach them. And often, coaching leads them to better balance their professional and personal lives.

The advantages for clients are considerable. Having benefited from professional coaching, they can:

  • Better define objectives
  • Better sustain their efforts
  • Make better decisions
  • Leverage to a greater extent their natural talent

A coach focuses on what is most important to you: sets higher goals than those you give yourself; is straightforward; provides you with tools and an appropriate work framework. With a coach, you can share your opinions, ideas, and observations on the change you want to implement. You explore possibilities and assess the best strategies available. Moreover, you remain at the helm and your decisions prevail at all times.

The role of a coach is to facilitate experimentation focused on developing new skills. Coaches are trained to listen and observe, to adapt their approach to the needs of each and every client, and help clients find solutions and strategies relevant to their success.

Though coaches give feedback and help clients set specific objectives, clients remain responsible for achieving the desired results. The role of a coach is to highlight what is missing to succeed, to move forward, to be more effective, to feel better about oneself, and to overcome difficulties more easily. Coaches help clients find the means and tactics to react more quickly and effectively to situations.

You can retain the services of a coach for the length of time you need. Coaches will share with you their experience, knowledge, skills, and network to help you succeed in whatever you undertake. Because guiding you towards a successful change is our mission.



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