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As a lover of high-seas sailing, Philippe is used to looking at the big picture and adapting to changing elements and conditions. In the same way, when he takes the helm of a major transformation, his astute reading of the horizons always leads him to his destination.

His passion for reinventing organizations has led him across Canada, the U.S. and Europe, working closely and exchanging with different business leaders and visionaries confronted with complex problems or projects that need to be structured, materialized and successfully piloted. From geographic expansions to mergers and acquisitions, from new market strategies to changes in leadership or governance, Philippe is a seasoned strategist who sees both the global context and the smallest implementation details.

With experience in finance, insurance, distribution, and professional and para-public services, Philippe has contributed to the emergence of brilliance everywhere he’s navigated, thanks to the depths of his organizational thinking. Without ever rocking the boat, he always manages to stay the course.